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Amino NPLC chromatograms of Novel II 1412-70 (a) and Neodol 25-12 (b).... | Download Scientific Diagram

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Neodol 25-3S Molecular Structure: Formula: Molecular Weight: 0 Synonyms: Neodol 25-3S EINECS: Density: Melting Point: Boiling Point: Flash Point: Solubility: Appearance: Safety: Transport Information: Related products 126891-45-0 12690-20-9
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Effect of formation of calcium carbonate on foam …

It was found in the absence of oil that CaCO 3 particles did not destabilize foam, in contrast to those of the more hydrophobic calcium oleate. The rate of collapse of a foam column was also measured for foams generated from alkaline solutions of an anionic surfactant Neodol 25-3S containing dispersed drops of n -hexadecane, triolein, or mixtures of these oils with small amounts of oleic acid.
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C12-15 PARETH-3

NEODOL 25-3 Brand Name English view view MARLIPAL O25/30 Brand Name English
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Most common surfactants employed in chemical …

 · NEODOL 25-3- EO NEODOL 91-2.5- EO NEODOL 25 NEODOL 25-5- EO NEODOL 91-6- EO NEODOL 45 NEODOL 25-6.5- EO NEODOL 91-8- EO NEODOL 67 NEODOL 25-7- EO NEODOL 375 -POS NEODOL 135 NEODOL 25-9- EO NEODOL 67-7 POS 3.2.4
Alcohols, C12-15, ethoxylated – Hazardous Agents
L 125/094; Neodol 25-12; Neodol 25-3; Neodol 25-7; Neodol 25-9; Neonol P 1215-12; Neonol P 1215-3; Neonol P 1215-6; Neonol P 1215-8; Neonol P 1215-9; Nonidet R 12; Nonidet R 7; Pareth 25; Pareth 25-7; Poly(ethylene oxide) ether with (C12
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TOMADOL® 25-3 Excellent wetting agents, emulsifiers and detergents that provide ease of handling and formulation. TOMADOL® 25-7 Excellent wetting agents, emulsifiers and detergents that provide ease of handling and formulation. TOMADOL® 25-9
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Alcohols, C12-15, ethoxylated
Neodol 25-ethoxylated Registration dossier Not available C&L Inventory Trade names Adekatol SO 160 C&L Inventory Alcools en C12-15, éthoxylés C&L Inventory Alcs., C12-15, ethoxylated C&L Inventory Alfonic 1012-40 C&L Inventory Alkohole, C12-15 C&L
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Masodol 25-9 is a linear primary alcohol ethoxylate nonionic surfactant characterized by high surface activity and low aquatic toxicity. With its unique degreasing, wetting, dispersing, detergent and oil solubilizing properties, 25-9 is a unique multi-functional surfactant for use in …
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Alcohols, C12-15, ethoxylated
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 · PDF 檔案Safety Data Sheet Version 3 .0 SDS Number 300000021287 Revision Date 01/27/2015 Print Date 03/07/2015 3/9 Air Products and Chemicals,Inc NEODOL ® 25 Suitable extinguishing media : Alcohol-resistant foam. Carbon dioxide (CO2). Dry
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Acusol 880 and Acusol 882 — Technical Data Sheet

 · PDF 檔案Neodol 45-7 Neodol 25-7 Neodol 25-3 Triton X-100 Imbentin POA-060 Imbentin POA-080 Hüls BASF Shell Shell Shell Dow Kolb Kolb/Scherex Chemical Company Acid Compatibility An example of the low pH compatibility of ACUSOL 880 and ACUSOL 882 is
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Polyethylene glycol,C12-15-alkyl ethers

dobanol 25-11 dobanol 25-7 dobanol 25-9 dobanox 25i emersist 7232 enordet ae 1215-30 enordet ae 1215-9.4 genapol ox 030 imbentin c 125/85 imbentin l 125/094 neodol 25-12 neodol 25-3 neodol 25-7 neodol 25-9 neonol p 1215-12 neonol p 1215-3 neonol p
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Ethoxylated C12-15 Alcohols 68131-39-5, China …

We,China Ethoxylated C12-15 Alcohols 68131-39-5 Suppliers and China Ethoxylated C12-15 Alcohols 68131-39-5 Manufacturers, provide Ethoxylated C12-15 Alcohols 68131-39-5 product and the products related with China Ethoxylated C12-15 Alcohols 68131-39-5
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The Aquatic Safety of Neodol Products
 · PDF 檔案Neodol 25-7 is made up of the same pri- mary alcohols and is ethoqhted with an average of seven moles of ethylene oxide (EO) per mole of alcohol. It must be emphasized that this is the averagc number of moles of ethylene oxide and not the exact chemical 0 to
Amino NPLC chromatograms of Novel II 1412-70 (a) and Neodol 25-12 (b).... | Download Scientific Diagram

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